Public cloud will be victorious in the enterprise cloud wars.

As the security and price issues will be addressed regarding cloud computing, the adoption of this particular technology will keep growing. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft photonvps and Google are all vying to confine maximum amount of the market shares of the enterprise. As the three CSPs, cloud service providers scale their cloud contributions. They enable to cut the prices aggressively, thanks to the economy of scale.

Many of the companies fail to keep up; this is why they are starting to implement public cloud computing networks as an alternative of operating their own expensive onsite data centers.

As the pricing of the major CSPs keeps on declining, number of enterprises wills chose to run parts of their data centers from cloud. The primary obstacle that yet prevails is security from the marketing agreement of public cloud. However once the hurdle of security is taken care of, which will be, and then the material acceleration of CSP adoption will be witnessed.

When this point is reached, operating your data center will make sense as creating your very own email service instead of utilizing the cloud service provider that already exists like Gmail.

Amazon already has slashed its prices on AWS that is Amazon Web Services computing stage many a time in the past few years. The insistent price cuts from AWS has forced Microsoft and Google to also keep on reducing the pricing point of the cloud offering. This is amazing for vendor consumers and has helped the market to grow.

Given this dynamic, it is expected for the margins of CSPs to reduce over time. At present, an important problem facing CSP is that the private clouds are safer than the public clouds; however this is subjected to change. The public clouds will become more cost efficient than the private clouds, given the aforesaid price cuts of CSP.
Ultimately, only few companies like Facebook will be cost viable with their private clouds, this is because of the existing massive operations on their cloud already. And not all the companies have this kind of infrastructure in order.

Most of the companies do not possess the ability to scale their very own private clouds, whilst staying price competitive along with the big CSPs. So in this case, adoption of public cloud makes much more sense. And this adoption will become the standard once the safety issues have been taken care of.

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By 2019Amazon Market Share might become double says Cowen

Cowen and Company’s analysis on the Amazon Web Services commonly known as AWS financial structure shows superior potential and capability from AWS which is one of the pretty famous public cloud IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) leaders in the world. According to John Blackledge, a well known Cowen analyst Amazon Web Services is likely to earn yearly revenue of nineteen billion dollars by the year 2019 and along with it AWS has a high chance of getting double its market share.

Amazon Web Services are getting solid revenues as well as a pretty strong share price rate which is similar to few of the other primary cloud companies that trade publicly. The valuation of Amazon Web Services at the present is more or less twenty four billion dollars. But according to Blackledge who studied and evaluated the (AMZN) Amazon’s financial model gives out a quite accurate calculations regarding the success at a greater scale for this public cloud corporation.

John Blackledge was founded commenting in an article published on the StreetInsider saying that the company Cowen and Company developed a framework related to price by volume by means of the data based on Amazon Web Services ‘allocation of expenses on the basis of  type of  product and the range of pricing directly connected to consumption. As noticed by Blackledge the business of Amazon is at present currently made up of calculations which comes to forty percentage of Amazon’s total business along with storage which takes by thirty one percent and database of about thirteen percent. The extra cloud services takes up eighteen percent of the overall business of Amazon.

When it comes to public cloud business and its market Amazon is the one of the top leaders and occupies the biggest portion of shares in the market. Cowen and Company using the estimates of the public cloud market by means of 451 Group and IDC makes out that Amazon at the present state of affairs has approximately nineteen percent of the market share in the public cloud market, which consists of a range of contributions like IaaS, PaaS (platform as a service) and on the whole hosting.

As told by John Blackledge in the fiscal year 2019 the market share of Amazon which is currently nineteen percent will increase to an approx of thirty seven percent which will be a huge raise in the immediate next five years including the public linux VPS hosting such as PhotonVPS.

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The Best Type Of Web Host To Choose in 2014

seo1Web hosting providers are web hosting services, a type of web hosting service that allows individuals and businesses to host a fully accessible website on the web. Web hosts provide the space that clients (individuals or businesses) use to store data and operate their website.

The difference between free, shared and dedicated hosts

Web hosting is either free, shared or dedicated. Nowadays, most people aren’t going to get very far with a free web host. Free web hosting is now reserved for smaller websites with little to no traffic. If you just need to store or test smaller parts of a big website, a free web host is fine for that task. You can’t use your own domain name with a free web host, either.

Compare that to a shared or dedicated web host. Shared web hosting is a low cost web hosting plan; it suits the needs of most webmasters. Although the costs are low, shared hosting provides enough options for small businesses and websites with average to moderate traffic.

Dedicated web hosting is suited for bigger websites. Whereas shared web hosting host several websites on a single server (or a single cluster of servers), dedicated web hosting delegates a single website to a single server. Large websites with high traffic and websites that use specialized software work best with dedicated web hosting.

Most importantly, both shared and dedicated web hosting lets you keep your domain name. Free web hosting doesn’t. In other words, paying for your web hosting gives you more options than if you chose not to pay.

Why a suitable web host matters in 2014

Haven’t selected the right web host? In 2014, the market for web hosting is well saturated. Every month, there’s always a new or returning web hosting provider back on the market. Every month also brings new deals from today’s top web hosting providers, including the likes of HostGator, BlueHost and DreamHost.

With so many choices on the market, what’s the best web host for a newcomer? According to several resources about web hosting, that choice ultimately lies in what they might need out of a web hosting provider.

Web hosts aren’t that hard to come by in 2014. You just need to know how to look for one. Take some time to search the web for a web host. The information featured on their sites can help you make a better buying decision, as soon as you figure out what type of web hosting you need.

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GoDaddy is the best hosting reseller

When it comes to hosting a web I found that GoDaddy reseller hosting is different than the other programs that I found on the market. I didn’t need to worry that they will disappear one day, because they are one of the best and the biggest hosting companies in the world, they are number one and they offer outsourced support for my customers. I was able to choose if I want to let them deal with the costumers or If I want to be the primary contact with my costumers, that was perfect.

I found that I have been blessed with them. I got my business up and running just in a flash because they provide me with ready-to-go storefront/pre-build website. It is also good that GoDaddy’s reseller hosting packages are with ready-to-go shopping cart, online profit, credit-card processing and email marketing templates, activity tracking, site analytics, and a lot of other things that helped me to get on the market faster.

By being a reseller for them, I was able to offer to my customers more than web hosting services like 50+ web-related services and domain names. All I did was building a good catalogue for my one-stop costumers and Godaddy were by my side. It was a thing that I am most successful at, I feel happy for that.

The price

When I was shopping for reseller hosting I was able to choose from 3 levels. The most expensive, that they offer is $16.99 a month and that is for those who want multiple revenue streams, and that is Pro Reseller package. The most popular one, Pro Reseller, going from $14.99 a month and the cheapest is for $8.99 a month, the basic. The only thing that I can say for the price is that it was hard for me to choose which one to take, because for only $8 difference (which is like nothing) I can get the best and the expensive one, which I did. GoDaddy is taking care of the costumers and supports my costumers and also is collecting the fees, but I am getting a good commission.
Help and Security

I was 99.9% guaranteed that my hosting reseller account was backed up by GoDaddy and they stick to their word, that is one of the reasons that makes them one of the best web hosting companies in the whole wide world. I was relieved when I found that all of their accounts come with an SSL certificate and other securities.

The control panel is very easy to use for all my reseller admin needs. With it, I can interface to customize my store and to set up my catalogue and to view reports plus managing my account.

With GoDaddy I am getting 24/7/365 for me as a reseller and for all my costumers and if I prefer to support my own costumers I can do that too. There isn’t available toll-free phone number or an online chat support, but there is e-mail available and they are usually answered in one hour and the phone is available during business hours.

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The best hosting reseller ever

What CoolHandle is offering

I am a CoolHandle reseller for over a year now and I was able to choose from 3 reseller hosting packages:

- Reseller 1 for $19.95;
- Reseller 2 for $29.95;
- Reseller 3 for $49.95.

If you are willing to start reselling you should know that all of them are offering solid package features and services.

I got WHM web hosting manager, a free domain forever, a website builder WHMCS billing system and free instant setup. Some resellers can get dedicated IP address, depending on the package and other things that you can get is MySQL 5, a new ENOM reseller account, courtesy site backups, PostgreSQL databases, SSH / Shell Access and other things.

I am secured all the time

Getting a web hosting from them, I got 99.9 uptime guarantee, reliability and security it its cutting edge data center. The CoolHande team is keeping 50% utilization guarding from traffic bursts. They have 4 backup generators that are ready all the time for any kind of emergencies also the servers and the facilities are monitored all the time by very well trained security personnel.

There are regularly updated which ensure me having access to the latest software and they automatically backs up my site on the latest hardware, this is included in every package.

The control panel that I am using – the one that they are providing is the number one in the world, it is cPanel and also comes with all package deals. I am always happy to offer this control panel to my customers, because cPanel makes website management very easy, even beginners can work with it and this is the thing that made my job easier too.

I had my own problem that I needed to contact customer support, and I was amazed by their help. They are available by free-toll number and e-mail ticked support.

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Read reviews to find the best hosting reseller

It was hard to choose

There are a lot of web hosting companies that are offering a great deal for resellers too. Three years ago I wanted to begin host reselling which I knew I am going to be good at it, well I am. But in the beginning when I was searching a good company it was hard to find the good one. That is all because there are different statistic on different rating sites and there were different answers from people that were doing reselling. So I needed to find the best one carefully.

Why do you need to separate the reviews?

I started first by separating the reviews from people that were doing hosting reselling a long period of time and those that were beginners like I was at that time. This helped me to make the right decision.
Hosting a website is a great thing, but the people that don’t have experience in reselling and are leaving reviews can probably leave an inaccurate info because they don’t know to look for the right thing and they don’t know what a company should have when it comes for reselling. But those with experience they know more and they are the ones that you can count on.

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My best hosting reseller

You can choose from many

From my point of view PhotonVPS is the best hosting reseller, but searching hosting reseller it was very hard to find a good one and the one I have chosen were offering 6 VPS hosting packages, they are a bit expensive but worth it:

- SSD – X – $5.95/mo;
- SSD – 1- $10.95/mo;
- SSD – 2 -$20.95/mo;
- SSD – 3 – $40.95/mo;
- SSD – 4 – $80.95/mo;
- SSD – 5 – 160.95/mo.

Maybe the first three plans from the packages that they are offering are cheap from other VPS hosting packages, but there aren’t cost-effective and the features are very limited. The last ones are very expensive and most of the webmaster can’t afford them. The one thing that I found that wasn’t good about this is that they only are offering 30 days money back guarantee, which is not enough time to see the quality of the hosting, but I didn’t need any refund because I found out that was the best for me.

Features and Technical support

Depending on the plan, there are different levels of features, where the RAM is important for VPS. The allocation brings the stability of the server so if you can get more allocation more sable the server will run; PhotonVPS gives RAM of 512MB to 16MB. Also, I was able to pick from 10GB to 120GB disk space, 2000GB to 64000GB on monthly data transfer and 100Mgit to 2Gbits port space and plus up to 8 dedicated cores.

Other features also include a dedicated IP address, full root access, DDoS Protection, free setup, user-friendly control panels of cPanel, 1-click app installer Direct Admin and Plesk and because I have chosen a cheaper plan, I had to pay $12 a month for utilization.

I was amazed by the attention that PhotonVPS is giving to its customers. Not like other companies, they have a support team of professionals that are always there for the costumers. Everyone on their team is experienced and they don’t have a single employee that doesn’t have a clue what to do when he will be asked for help, they all are able to assist customers and they offer the best resolutions in a short period of time and in a friendly tone. When I needed help in the beginning I was able to make contact with them by calling on hotline number, e-mail or online chat.

I have used website hosting for a long time now and I know a reliable hosting service when I only look at them and the last time when I chose PhotonVPS hosting services I didn’t make a mistake. I got a responsive technical support, good hosting performance and plus with a help from high class data center.

So my advice to you is to try this one, you probably won’t be disappointed. One thing that you will need to do is to cover your eyes and pass the price because it is a good one even if it is expensive.

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